Time to start

Why are we here? Earthquakes in the west and mid-west, rain and mudslides in the west, snow and ice storms, tornadoes, wind and hail, riots and civil commotion. There are a variety of ways that your small business could be affected by any or all of these. Are you ready – I mean really ready. Not just “I think I have an insurance policy that may, or may not be adequate” ready, but ready as is able to survive. The SBA tells us the over 85 % of businesses in the US are “small”.   If your community is powered by sales tax, or even if it isn’t and it’s just your local economy, and your small business community is improperly prepared for a major event what happens next? This Blog will be dedicated to opening a dialog and sharing information and ideas for this particular community or those who are affected or could influence. My hope is that we will develop a robust community of support, ideas, resources and materials so that we can begin to own our own particular experience. I’ve been speaking on this particular topic around the country for the last 10 years and particularly work in Oklahoma, but I know that this is an issue everywhere for every member of the Small Business Community. I’d love to see disaster resistant communities where the well-being of the small businesses is considered within the overall strategy, where training and materials and planning is provided and endorsed. These areas may already exist, but in my travels so far, I’ve not yet found it. I’m hoping this blog will be the start of an extensive journey to find it.  Interested? Want to contribute or have a question, let me know.   


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