Business Personal Property v1.0

I’ve been traveling this week so I’m grabbing some time at DFW to write of the first of what I think will be a series of post to cover Business Personal Property. There are several connected issues within this topic that would create a post that would be long and confusing – much like the coverage itself. So let’s start here…


Most likely you’re under insured. You got your coverage amount as a percentage of your total building value, or a recommendation from your agent, or it was what you could afford. Did you actually take stock of what you have or more importantly what you need to continue your business? Try this – stand in the middle of every room in your Small business, activate the camera on your phone, and spin 360 degrees. When you’ve done all the rooms sit down and watch the video and see if you can identify what you see. In the event of a total loss it all goes. What do you need to start over? Equipment, records, computers, files, inventory, fixtures, etc.. Now do some rough calculations. What would it cost?


Got enough?


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