Taking care of the Masses…

This afternoon I attended the #TulsaRegionalChamber of Commerce’s annual meeting. In his annual remarks the incoming chairman Alan Armstrong mentioned the over 80% of the Businesses in Tulsa are Small Business. He talked about supporting our Small Business community and promoting its dynamic development. For some time now we’ve been working toward the integration of Small Business Continuity planning into a “Disaster Resilient Community” approach. We’ve been working with Chambers of Commerce to support and sponsor the training of your local Small Businesses to increase the level of preparedness of your entire community.

Today’s remarks reminded me that we haven’t really secured a foothold yet in this movement, and that it was time to start again.  My team – The Disaster Resistant Business Council in Tulsa stands ready to partner with any city, town, region or organization to advance the issue of preparedness within your community and it’s small businesses.   If you have any questions, would like to re-start your efforts, or would like to connect for the first time, please feel free to respond to this posting


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